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Welcome to the Grace Community School blog! We’re glad you’re here. While you can already find us on a variety of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, and Vine, this blog will provide us with a place to post longer pieces in an indexed, easier-to-find way. We will also be publishing the articles published in our school newspaper, The Whale’s Tale. (Speaking of The Whale’s Tale, have you read our most recent issue? There’s a lot of very cool stuff in there, and we love showing off our kids’ achievements. Be sure to ask your school location for a copy if you haven’t received one yet!) More news about school events is one of the things parents ask us for the most, and we’re happy to oblige. We can’t wait to see where this goes!

This blog will also help you give your friends and family a way to answer the question, “Why Grace Community School”? We’ve always believed word-of-mouth is the best way to advertise, and we truly appreciate all the great recommendations our customers have given over the many years. It’s for this reason that we have a $100 referral bonus for people who refer students to any one of our nine locations. The $100 referral is our way of saying a big “THANK YOU” for doing a good deed! Details about this tremendous program are available at Grace Community School location offices. Choosing a childcare center is a big decision, and we understand that parents often have a lot of questions. Grace Community School is no ordinary daycare. With our comprehensive reading and math programs, special extracurricular activities like piano, music, dance, and karate classes; advanced curriculum, and fun educational activities, it can be a lot to take in! Parents want to know how we do it all.

It’s our goal for this blog to be a resource for current and prospective parents to aid with the important questions they have, as well as a top-notch news source to keep everyone informed about the goings-on at Grace Community School.

Have a question? Feel free to leave a comment below or on one of our social media accounts. As always, our home on the web is www.gracecommunityschools.com. Visit there for more information on our locations, programs, and prices, and if you enjoyed this post, please click one of the share buttons below – we appreciate it!

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