Take Your Pick: Your Preschooler Reading Real Books… or Not Reading at All

Reading vs. Reading Readiness

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We love choices. Some choices are hard, others are easy. If you’re reading this, you have a choice to make where your child’s education is concerned. You could choose to have your child be taught real reading at Grace Community School, leading to your child reading at up to the third-grade level by his or her self at the end of the pre-K school year.

Or you could choose to have your child attend a regular daycare, where your child will be taught “reading readiness,” a teaching philosophy in which the teacher reads to your child (because the child certainly cannot read), and where your child might pick up a little bit of letter recognition by the end of his or her pre-K year. Daycares that teach reading readiness trust that the “print-rich environment” of printed signs and labels up on the walls will help the kids pick up some reading ability through osmosis. Your child deserves better.

Many people are tempted by the alternatives to Grace Community School against their better judgment by the oft-repeated tag-line “government.” Remember: something that is worthless isn’t a bargain even if it’s free. Would you subject your child to a damaging educational program just because “it’s free”? Is it really worth sacrificing your child’s education to (seemingly) save a little money? We don’t think so. For that matter, the free programs aren’t really that free. The no-cost extras Grace Community School offers like breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks, yearbooks, school photos, and more cost money at the so-called “free” programs. People would gladly pay for what we offer at no charge!

Most importantly, Grace Community School provides daily non- denominational Bible instruction and curriculum-integrated character development study – an uncompromisingly Christian education. Grace Community’s pre-K program is open 6:30 to 6:00 each day, and your $85 a week covers all those hours, without any stipulations. That’s less than $2 an hour! Try hiring a babysitter for that price. Remember “government” programs charge for “wrap-around care,” making government programs more costly than Grace Community School.

Piano and music lessons are just some of the extracurricular activities available at Grace Community School.

But of course, Grace Community is no babysitter. Our school days are filled with active, engaging, intensive learning; organized games, music instruction, and more. We are proof positive that a program can be academically advanced, developmentally appropriate, and fun at the same time. Even average preschoolers are reading at the first-grade level. Compare that to no reading at all at our competition. These “free” pre-K programs give your children a raw deal, offering a subpar education. We don’t think that sounds like a good deal. Would you agree?

Fortunately, you have a better option: Grace Community School. Space is limited, so hurry! Some of our locations are close to starting a wait list. Sign up today, and tell your friends, family, and coworkers. We’re giving out $100 for every referral you make at any Grace Community School. (Find a handy referral form here) Do them a favor, and get some money at the same time! Again, we don’t know how long we will have these spaces available, so jump on this now.


Don’t Let it Stop with Pre-K

What about what comes after pre-K, kindergarten? It just so happens we can help you there, too. Again, you have a choice. You can choose Grace Community’s top-notch learning program, which builds upon what your child has learned during pre-K, continues the fantastic Bible instruction, and helps your child to achieve ever-higher levels of academic success… or you can go with the “free” option, namely the public school, and toss away your child’s wonderful Grace Community School head start. Sadly, most of what your child will be taught in public school kindergarten is stuff your child has already learned at Grace Community School. The worst part about a public school education: no Bible teaching. For children who have become accustomed to a Christian environment such as our school offers, the sudden shift to a secular setting like the public school can be jarring, even debilitating. Children need the morality they have been taught at home to be reinforced at school, something the public school does not do.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Kindergarten at Grace Community School is also only $85 a week! Just think about how advanced your kindergartener will be after graduating from Grace Community’s pre-K and kindergarten programs. You can continue giving your child the education and care he or she deserves, including Grace Community’s all-important reading and Bible programs.


You can pre-register now for the 2016-2017 school year. Get the pre-registration form here or ask for it at your Grace Community School location. Your child’s education and future are important. When it comes down to it, it’s not really a choice at all!

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