The Whales of Grace Community

We love whales at Grace Community School! Not only are whales featured in our school logos and on our buildings, but they are an important part of several school activities.

The famous Grace Community School whale weather vane!

Have you heard the Whale Song? It goes like this:

We are the Whales of Grace Community
We love to sing about our school.
We learn at every opportunity
We even learn the Golden Rule!
Our teachers help us learn to read and write
Our every effort, they reward
We are the Whales of Grace Community
A school where God is Lord!

This is the official Grace Community School song, and you can hear it often at Song Time, before Bible Time, and especially on Fridays.

What makes Friday such a special day? Most grownups like Friday because it is the last day of the work week, but kids at GCS love Friday because Friday is Whale Shirt Day!

It’s always a good time in the Whale March with our Whale Shirts!

There is a new Whale Shirt design each year, and many of our parents tell us that they’ve purchased several shirts for their child because they want to wear them every day. It is especially fun to wear a Whale Shirt in the musical march around the building we do on Whale Shirt Day, a.k.a. the Whale March. We’ve got school spirit!


Everything is Awesome when you’re doing the Whale March!

Posted by Grace Community School on Friday, February 27, 2015

So yes, we love whales. And did you know that the Grace Community School whale mascot has a name, too? Her name is Gracie!

Gracie helps us celebrate our theme weeks, like Super Hero Week!

Find out more about Grace Community School at, and ask your Grace Community School’s office about getting a Whale Shirt today!

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