How to Get $100 and Follow the Golden Rule

You may have heard about Grace Community School’s referral program. Refer a student to any one of our nine locations, and you get $100. It’s that easy. You can even do this for multiple families – there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Refer two families, that’s $200. Three families, that’s $300! (Ask your GCS location for questions about details and restrictions)
Our preschoolers can read! Why not do your friends and coworkers a favor and give them the gift of a Grace Community School education for their kids?
As the Southwest Florida economy recovers and the influx from up north continues, you have an opportunity both to do a good deed and get rewarded for it. You can get that $100 just for telling your coworkers about all the great benefits at Grace Community School. Don’t let your working associates’ children lose out on high reading scores and great Biblical values they can only get at Grace Community School. Have you heard the saying, “What goes around, comes around?” It’s truer than you might think. God rewards those who help His children, and there are much more than just monetary blessings from referring someone to Grace Community School.

Choose the Best Childcare Center

Most advice about choosing the best daycare center focuses on credentials, accreditation, and fancy toys. These things are not enough! In the real world, results are king. Education is crucial, particularly in the subjects of reading and mathematics. Grace Community School students learn to read as preschoolers, something unheard of in other centers. Grace Community School preschool students are literate, and our kindergarten students graduate reading multiple grade levels ahead of their public school counterparts.
Our phonics program, along with our math instruction, makes a tremendous difference in the lives of children. Reading and math instruction at a young age is vital to success even much later in life – this includes things like “higher incomes, better housing, and better jobs in adulthood.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your child grew up to attend MIT? We’ve had a Grace Community School student do that! Want your child to become a millionaire? Grace Community School teaches the character traits needed to do that. Are you starting to see why it’s such a good deed to refer someone to Grace Community School? Don’t let your friends and colleagues send their kids to a place that emphasizes dreams over education – people need both to succeed.
There are lots of “freebies” at Grace Community School, but the benefits go much deeper than that. Grace Community School students learn delayed gratification, a prominent millionaire trait. Along with its corollary, self-control (the “master virtue”), these personal attributes assist children in building a happy, successful life.
Some things, like a great education, are too good to keep to yourself! Referring a family to Grace Community School is a tremendous way to do yourself and someone else a favor.

Don’t Lose This Opportunity

If you’re unsure about how to persuade your friends and coworkers to try Grace Community School, show them this blog and our website, or pick up a Whale’s Tale from your Grace Community School location to help you out. Download a handy referral form here. Remember that it is a great blessing you are bestowing upon a family when you refer a student! It is very much in keeping with the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Let your associates know that along with our low introductory rates and no registration fee, there is no better time to get on board with Grace Community School.
It has been our privilege here at Grace Community School to serve the Southwest Florida community for thirty years and counting. Won’t you join us in sharing the rewards of a great education?

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Rev. Aaron

Reverend at Grace Community School.