Why I Love Grace Community School Photos

Grace Community School takes a lot of photos. I love it! Here’s why.

My wife and I love photos. We have five children, all here at Grace Community School since infancy. As you can imagine, most of our family photos are of our children. What may surprise you is that we didn’t take most of our children’s photos — the teachers at Grace Community did. In fact, almost all of our printed photos came from school.

Caleb’s photo book!

I come from a family of scrapbookers, and growing up I was conscious of the fact that our photos were among the Slack’s most cherished possessions. My mother even kept photo negatives (I’m old enough to remember those) in a fireproof safe. Now that I am a parent, I completely understand this!

While I don’t have the superb artistic and photo organizational abilities of some of my family members, thanks to Grace Community School Amy and I have been able to put together impressive photo albums for each of our children. Each album is essentially a chronological timeline of our child’s whole lives, almost completely made up of photos taken from school.

Serenity loves her photo book!

The Grace Community School Photo Program is a service for children who regularly attend Grace Community School. We provide a free, weekly printed glossy 4×6 photo of your child having fun at school. Things we might take a photo of include dress-up days, School Spirit Week activities, playground time, bounce houses and water slides (those are coming up, check out the summer 2016 theme week schedule!). Printing photos is almost old-fashioned, and not something most people do a lot. It’s great to get a physical photo to hold and display from school. Parents (including me) love it! I take a lot of photos, but it turns out the school takes more. More than that, my children’s teachers get to see my kids doing things at school that I am not always there to see. I’m glad the teachers are there to capture the fun moments I miss!

One mom told me a heartbreaking story. She said she took lots of photos of her kids, all on her phone, but never printed them out or backed them up. When she lost her phone, all the digital pictures were lost with it. BUT, she told me, still had the printed photos from Grace Community School. She still had some memories thanks to our photo printing!

We capture the smiles so you don’t miss anything!

The printed photos are great, but many times we can do even more. Grace Community School’s social media presence is comprehensive (I love the school Instagram account), and a lot of photos end up there, particularly from special days. When we first put Grace Community School on social media a few years ago, I never imagined how important the photos we post would be for everyone. It’s never been easier to share memories with friends and grandparents!

One of the things I am conscious of as a parent is how fast kids grow up. Time goes by so quickly! I am thankful for Grace Community’s photos that help me remember my kids when they were little. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Parents tell me how they take their school photos to work to show coworkers and put them up on the kitchen fridge at home. Each year we have parents place special dedications to their kids in the Grace Community School yearbook. Guess what? A lot of the photos people use are the school pictures!

I love Grace Community School photos, how about you? Keep on enjoying them, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!


Bounce house at Fort Myers!

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