Get Creative in Grace Community School Art Class

Look at all these art projects! These are just a few of the things we’ve made in an exclusive special program we want you to know about.

Angry Birds, happy kids!

A Unique Experience

Art has long been one of our students’ favorite school activities, so we have an additional extracurricular program to complete Grace Community School’s educational programs — Art Class!

Along with Dance Class, Karate Class, and Music Class, Grace Community School Art Class is a weekly experience for kids to do something special while building cognitive, motor, and social skills.

Art Class is an opportunity for our kids to unleash their creativity in a guided classroom setting along with their friends and teachers. Kids who develop their creativity are better prepared to solve the problems life throws at them, and there are many other areas in which art and creative expression aid child development.

Each Art Class project uses a variety of media and art techniques.

About Grace Community School Art Class

  • Classes are once a week
  • Art Class costs $10 per week
  • Each week’s project goes along with the theme for the week
  • Students create their own project with assistance from a teacher
  • Students take their projects home
  • Each project uses a variety of different media and techniques
  • Art Class is available now

Let’s show you how much fun we have!

You can sign up and start now — we are currently enrolling! Just let your Grace Community School location know you want your child to start Art Class.

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