Show and Tell!

Show and Tell is Coming to Grace Community School

We’re trying something new at Grace Community School — Show and Tell! Parents and relatives came into our locations for these events, and you guys amazed us with all the cool stuff you brought in from home! Moms and dads loved coming, too.

It was great visiting with our parents at school during Show and Tell!

There were stuffed animals, dolls, race cars and motorcycles, rocks, action figures, My Little Ponies, Transformers, and lots of fidget spinners — we even had a dance presentation!


So far we’ve had these special Show and Tell events at our Bonita Springs, Skyline, and Fort Myers locations, and they’ve been big hits with our parents and students. Ms. Abby, Ms. Rachel, and Ms. Amy really enjoyed helping the kids present their treasures from home.

It’s so cool!!!!

You impressed us with your confidence and enthusiasm for your show and tell treasures; there were so many cool things! Even better was getting together with parents and grandparents – we had special badges for moms and dads!

Show and Tell came with parent badges!

We’re going to be doing more of these parent events at more locations in the upcoming weeks and months.

Parent Involvement

We recently asked for suggestions to improve Grace Community School, and one thing a lot of parents mentioned was for us to involve parents more in our school days. Show and Tell is one of the ways we’ll be doing this. It was so much fun!

Show and tell makes for a great parent involvement event.

Right now we’re looking for more ways to do parent involvement — especially ways to celebrate our students and their families and bring parents into our locations. We want to hear from you! What else would you like to see us try? Leave us a comment below, or take our survey. 👈

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