Grace Community School Christmas Spectacular! 2017 Photos

Merry Christmas from Grace Community School! We're keeping this blog post updated with photos from all our 2017 Christmas programs as they become available,

As promised, we are making our program videos this year available as a free digital download.

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All Our Photos from the Christmas Programs!

Here are the Facebook albums from all our shows. Enjoy!

Fort Myers Christmas Spectacular! 2017 Photos

Bonita Springs Christmas Spectacular! 2017 Photos

Cape Coral Miramar-North Fort Myers Christmas Spectacular! 2017 Photos

Lehigh Acres Christmas Spectacular! 2017 Photos

Skyline Christmas Spectacular! 2017 Photos

Naples Park Christmas Spectacular! 2017 Photos

Golden Gate Christmas Spectacular! 2017

Port Charlotte Christmas Spectacular! 2017

Christmas Spectacular! 2017 [Announcement]

This Year’s Christmas Program Will Be Spectacular!

It’s that time of year again: Christmas! We love Christmas, and one of the reasons we love it so much is because of our Christmas programs. It’s a Grace Community School tradition!

You’re invited to our Christmas program!

Each Christmas we celebrate with a special performance by our students. They work really hard putting together and practicing for these shows.

Our Christmas programs are musicals: our students will perform a selection of Christmas songs. We’ve got costumes, dancing, and something special from our Dance Class (scroll down for more on that).

Here’s what you need to know!

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Showtime! 2017 Graduation Program

The 2017 school year is done, and with it our Pre-K and Kindergarten graduation programs!

Our theme this year was “Broadway” featuring medleys of classic showtunes and movie songs, and the children’s performances did not disappoint.

Somewhere, over the rainbow!

Along with the DVD’s going on sale in our offices (just $5 each!) we’ve put all our photos from the programs online for your viewing pleasure. Just click the links below, and don’t forget to like and share!

Port Charlotte

Fort Myers

Bonita Springs

Cape Coral Miramar and North Fort Myers

Lehigh Acres


Naples Park

Golden Gate

Part of our performance was showing all that we have learned over the past year!

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Announcement: Showtime! 2017 Graduation Program

We at Grace Community School are excited to bring you Showtime!, our 2017 graduation musical program featuring our students and including our Pre-K and Kindergarten graduation ceremonies!
We have some all-new songs in this show, and the kids are already practicing. The theme for this program is Broadway.

The spring program includes graduation ceremonies for our Pre-K and Kindergarten kids!

We love doing these musical programs! Click here to see some of our past shows. You will get to see all our Pre-K and Kindergarten students performing their musical acts and showing you the things they have learned this school year. Some other classes will also participate, so be sure to ask your location or look for the signs up in the office.

The shows are free, and you can bring as many people as you want. Tell the grandparents! Just come early to make sure you get good seats. Please note that performers need to be there thirty minutes before show start times.

It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Going along with our program are the new 2017 Whale Shirts, available now at all locations. These are the dress code for the Showtime! program.

The 2017 Showtime! Whale Shirts are available now!

We will have more details about the shows as it gets closer. Stay tuned to our social media and sign up for our email list, so you never miss a thing.

2017 Showtime! Program Locations, Dates, and Times

May 20
Charlotte Performing Arts Center
3:00 pm

May 27
Estero High School
11:00 am Fort Myers
1:00 pm Bonita Springs
3:00 pm North Fort Myers / Cape Coral Miramar
5:00 pm Lehigh Acres
7:00 pm Skyline

Gulf Coast High School
11:00 am Naples Park
1:00 pm Golden Gate

Collier County Christmas 2016 Programs

Our kids did a fantastic job!
Gracie came to our programs!

Here they are, the photos from our Naples Park and Golden Gate shows! Enjoy, and don’t forget to like and share 🙂

Naples Park Photos

Golden Gate Photos

You can find the photos from our Lee County programs here.

From all of us at Grace Community School, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Lee County Christmas 2016 Program Photos

Here are the program photos we took at the Lee County shows! Just click the links below to go to the albums, and don’t forget to like and share. The kids did a fantastic job. Thank you to everyone who came out to the programs. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Remember, our Golden Gate and Naples Park shows are this weekend. We’ll see you there!

Fort Myers Photos

Bonita Springs Photos

North Fort Myers and Cape Coral Miramar Photos

Lehigh Acres Photos

Skyline Photos

See our Golden Gate and Naples Park photos here.

Our Christmas Celebration! Snapchat geofilter was very successful!

Announcement: Christmas Celebration! 2016 [UPDATED]

Can you hear those sleigh bells jing-jing-jingling? We can! Very soon our students will begin practicing for Christmas Celebration! 2016 — the annual Grace Community School Christmas program! You are really going to love this show. We have lots of new music and dance routines for you.

Also: If your child is in the Grace Community School Dance Class, your child will participate in a memorable dance recital taking place during the show, complete with costume. Your GCS location will have information about that soon. Would you like your child to be in the dance recital? Let your location know — if you sign up now your child will have time to practice the routine for the recital.

2016 Christmas Program Locations, Dates, and Times

December 3 – Estero High School

11:00 AM Fort Myers
1:00 PM Bonita Springs
3:00 PM North Fort Myers / Cape Coral (Miramar)
5:00 PM Lehigh Acres
7:00 PM Skyline

December 10 – Gulf Coast High School

11:00 AM Naples Park
1:00 PM Golden Gate

December 20 – Charlotte Center for Performing Arts

7:00 PM Port Charlotte

Stay tuned to Grace Community School’s blog, email list, and social media for Christmas Celebration! news, including details about the new Christmas Whale Shirt we are working on!

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Jungle Jive! 2016 Program Photos (Part 2)

Golden Gate Grace Community School kindergarten graduates on stage at Jungle Jive! 2016.

(See Part 1 here) And that’s it for our 2016 graduation shows! The kids from the Golden Gate and Naples Park Grace Community School locations took the stage at Barron Collier High School yesterday and put on a tremendously entertaining performance.

We are family at Grace Community School!

Photos from the shows are available on Grace Community School’s Facebook page. Click the links below to see the photos!

Golden Gate (11:00 Show)

Golden Gate (1:00 Show)

Naples Park

Everyone had a great time. We were so happy that Gracie was able to make out to the shows again for our school song and photo op! DVD’s of the show will be available this week for just $5 each in each location’s office.

Who doesn’t love Gracie balloons?!

It’s been a fantastic school year! Please remember that Grace Community School has summer camp, too. We look forward to serving you and your family. Thanks for making our programs awesome!

Jungle Jive! 2016 Program Photos (Part 1)

Grace Community School Pre-K Graduates at their graduation ceremony!

Jungle Jive! Photos

Here are the photo albums from our shows so far:

Port Charlotte

Fort Myers

Bonita Springs

North Fort Myers and Cape Coral

Lehigh Acres


We have some incredible Jungle Jive! photos!

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Port Charlotte Pre-K and Kindergarten 2016 Graduation

Jungle Jive!

Gracie at the Port Charlotte Jungle Jive! 2016 Graduation.

Saturday was our first 2016 graduation program, and it was awesome!

We had an excellent turnout at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center, with a great performance by the children.

2016 Graduation

The 2016 graduation included our Pre-K graduates!

Congratulations to all our Pre-K and Kindergarten graduates. We hope you have a great summer and upcoming school year!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Almost as special as the show was Gracie’s appearance afterward. She posed for photos with students and their families.

Gracie the Whale takes photos with students and their families after the program.

Also new to Jungle Jive! are our new Gracie balloons. These will be available at our other shows as well, just $5 each!

Gracie the Whale balloons are just $5 each at our programs!

Find the rest of the program photos at our Facebook and Google + pages, and we’ll see you at our Lee County shows Saturday, May 28.