Grace Community School Christmas Party and Gift Exchange 2017

It's time for our annual Christmas party and gift exchange!

Here's What You Need to Know for Grace Community School's Christmas Party and Gift Exchange 2017

Our party this year will be Wednesday, December 20. All children one year and older will be participating in our gift exchange.

Bring a wrapped present from your child – please be sure to mark the gift with your child's first and last name!

The deadline to bring in the Christmas gift is Monday, December 18.

We're also accepting store bought donations for our Christmas party.

Don't forget our closed schedule. Grace Community School will be closed the week of Christmas through New Year's Day. There is no charge for the week we are closed. We reopen again Tuesday, January 2.

Merry Christmas, and have a very Happy New Year!

Grace Community School Karate Class Uniforms

So much awesome! 🥋

We're Really Excited About Our Karate Gi's!

One of the changes we've made to our Karate Class has been the addition of karate gi's!

We've noticed our students have been more excited about classes since we started using these uniforms, and they look so cool. Take a look!

Karate Class is now even more awesome 😎

Search for karate gi's on

Learn more about Grace Community School Karate Class

Read about American Kenpo Karate

See a video of what goes on in Grace Community School Karate Class

Grace Community School Colors Week October 2017 (and Show and Tell!)

Kids in colorful clothing for Grace Community School Colors Week.
  Learning about colors was even more fun when we dressed in them! We took a lot of photos (each of our nine Grace Community School locations took photos on two days). Here are all our photo albums together for your viewing convenience 🙂 BONUS: Show and Tell Events at our Golden Gate and Naples Park locations! Enjoy! Continue reading Grace Community School Colors Week October 2017 (and Show and Tell!)

Show and Tell!

Show and Tell is Coming to Grace Community School

We’re trying something new at Grace Community School — Show and Tell! Parents and relatives came into our locations for these events, and you guys amazed us with all the cool stuff you brought in from home! Moms and dads loved coming, too.

It was great visiting with our parents at school during Show and Tell!

Continue reading Show and Tell!

Get Creative in Grace Community School Art Class

Look at all these art projects! These are just a few of the things we’ve made in an exclusive special program we want you to know about.

Angry Birds, happy kids!

A Unique Experience

Art has long been one of our students’ favorite school activities, so we have an additional extracurricular program to complete Grace Community School’s educational programs — Art Class!

Along with Dance Class, Karate Class, and Music Class, Grace Community School Art Class is a weekly experience for kids to do something special while building cognitive, motor, and social skills.

Art Class is an opportunity for our kids to unleash their creativity in a guided classroom setting along with their friends and teachers. Kids who develop their creativity are better prepared to solve the problems life throws at them, and there are many other areas in which art and creative expression aid child development.

Each Art Class project uses a variety of media and art techniques.

About Grace Community School Art Class

  • Classes are once a week
  • Art Class costs $10 per week
  • Each week’s project goes along with the theme for the week
  • Students create their own project with assistance from a teacher
  • Students take their projects home
  • Each project uses a variety of different media and techniques
  • Art Class is available now

Let’s show you how much fun we have!

You can sign up and start now — we are currently enrolling! Just let your Grace Community School location know you want your child to start Art Class.

Have a question? Send us a Facebook Message or leave a comment below!

Can’t Stop the Feeling! Song and Dance Week

Our Grace Community School Song and Dance Week Performances!

This summer we continued our tradition of learning a special song and dance routine for Song and Dance Week, and the kids outdid themselves!

We chose a song most of the kids were familiar with, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” from the Trolls movie. We worked hard every day during the week practicing our dance moves and recorded our videos on Friday. Here are the results — thanks for watching!

Fort Myers Marlins Class

Fort Myers Whales Class

Fort Myers Starfish Class

Bonita Springs Sharks and Whales

Bonita Springs Manatees Class

Bonita Springs Penguins and Starfish

Cape Coral Miramar

Naples Park

Golden Gate Clownfish and Sharks

Golden Gate Marlins

Golden Gate Mantarays

Golden Gate Stingrays and Dolphins

Lehigh Acres Manatees and Dolphins

Lehigh Acres Whales

Lehigh Acres Starfish

North Fort Myers Penguins and Sharks

North Fort Myers Marlins

Port Charlotte

Skyline Whales Boys

Skyline Whales Girls

Skyline Sharks Boys

Skyline Sharks Girls

Skyline Stingrays Girls

Skyline Stingrays Boys and Dolphins

Skyline Marlins Group 1

Skyline Marlins Group 2

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We’ve Got School Spirit!

School Spirit Week July 2017

School Spirit Week was a big success! We showed our school spirit by wearing something special each day to school. Each of our locations took and posted photos for two of the days. Here are our photos!

Monday: Necktie Day (North Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers)

Tuesday: Hat Day (Lehigh Acres, Skyline, Golden Gate, Naples Park, Cape Coral Miramar)

Wednesday: Sunglasses Day (Bonita Springs, North Fort Myers, Cape Coral Miramar)

Thursday: Slipper Day (Port Charlotte, Skyline, Golden Gate)

Friday: Finale Day (Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, Naples Park

Bonus: Our Special Events for the Week!

Hawaii Week: Photo and Video Recap!

What a BIG, fun week! We had a lot of activities — especially Hawaiian Dress-Up Day and our luau party. We’ve collected all our videos and photo albums here for your viewing pleasure.

Hawaii Dress-Up Day

Pearly Shells by the Grace Community School Summer Camp

Bonita Springs Infants

Diet Coke and Mentos Volcano

Golden Gate Slip ‘n’ Slide

Photo Albums

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Grace Community School Karate Class

By now you’ve probably heard that Grace Community School has weekly Karate Class. Would you like to see what goes on each week in Karate Class? You can! Just check out the videos below.

Mr. Pete leads the Grace Community School American Kenpo Karate Class.

Ready to sign up? Contact any one of our nine locations and let them know!

Summer Camp 2017 Bounce House and Water Slide Schedule

Summer is here! By popular demand, here are all the Summer Camp 2017 event schedules for all Grace Community School locations. Want to know when the next bounce house or water slide is? This is the place.

Don’t forget our theme weeks! You can also see those on the Grace Community School Calendar.

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Port Charlotte

Bonita Springs

Cape Coral Miramar

Fort Myers

Golden Gate

Lehigh Acres

North Fort Myers

Naples Park


Summer Theme Weeks