Hear What the Community is Saying!

You Are Our Community

We’ve been here more than 30 years in Southwest Florida. In that time we have helped thousands of students in our nine Grace Community School locations. Each one of these special kids has been part of our community, with parents, grandparents, and relatives. Sometimes we are blessed enough to hear how the Grace Community School experience has impacted our families. We love hearing from our parents and grandparents!

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

What Does the Community Say?

“When my daughter arrived she was loved and welcomed. I had started potty training and she was doing ok. As she started going to Grace, slowly the days grew where she would come home with the same clothes until now it’s been amount 3 months since I’ve brought pampers and my daughter isn’t even 3 years old! She also has come home with a bigger vocabulary, an urgency to read and is counting! They have opened her up and allowed her to feel like she has even more family and that is a good feeling for a mother like myself.” – Natalia L.

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Send Us A Video and Win!

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We absolutely loved all the videos you sent in last time we asked you for videos. So much so that we’re doing it again! This time, we’d like videos of your children, our students.

It’s easy: just record a video on your phone of your child and email it to video@gracecommunityschools.com

We will pick two videos from our submissions and send the winners each a $50 Amazon gift card!

Here are some ideas:

  • reading one of the Grace Community School reader books
  • counting
  • playing “Bible Time” at home (we’ve heard a lot of our students like to do that!), saying the Ten Commandments, etc.
  • talking about something fun they did at school
  • singing
  • telling us about Gracie the Whale
  • anything else! Use your imagination

Videos may be submitted any time before November 15, at which time we will select our winners. Full rules can be found here.

Time to get recording!

More Grace Community School Testimonials

Again, we want to say THANK YOU for all the testimonials you sent in! We love hearing from you. (See our previous post here. Here are a few more:

”My son started going there at the beginning of the summer and will be continuing for this school year. Grace Community is his first experience with school and he loves it there. It is nice to know my son is going to a school where is he excited to learn and is developing a fondness for school. The staff and teachers are very friendly, and we love the different theme weeks!” – Jessica M.

”I can’t tell you how glad we are that we found Grace Community School. Going back to work after having a baby is so stressful, but that first few days, seeing how quickly my son took to the teachers made the transition so easy! I love the theme day pictures and more than anything, I love that I can tell how much the staff loves my little guy! We recommend Grace to everyone!” – Tiffany Z.

“My daughter loves Grace Community School and all the teachers that she’s had.” – Sandy M.

“My 3 year old daughters feel right at home Grace Community School. They have only been attending school for a short time but are already learning so much. Plus, you can’t beat the price!” – Katie S.

There are more testimonials to come!

Thank You For Your Testimonials!

Recently we sent out an email to our email list asking for you to tell us what you thought about Grace Community School. The results were overwhelming! Here’s a sampling of the testimonials we got back:

”My child has been with Grace since she was 6 weeks old. She is now almost 3. I have had peace of mind knowing that my child is being taken care of with compassion and love. Also the things she has learned and can do from what she has been taught already is PRICELESS. ABC’s, Almost counting to 20, can count to 10 in Spanish, knows all kinds of songs by heart. I LOVE GRACE!!!!” – Jennie V

“There are no other schools where a child can get such a good education for such a great price and with fantastic teachers. Every teacher in the school knows my son’s name. He loves going to school where learning is made fun. I love that he is exposed to religion, music, art, sports, a foreign language, teachers that are like family, and that he has learned so much while having so much fun. This school has it all! We are family at Grace Community School!!” – Kristin R.

“My daughter has been in Grace Community School since she was 6 months old and we both love it! She is always happy and playing with all the toys and kids. The teachers are very sweet and caring, always paying attention to the children and their needs. Theme days are always fun as well since they get to take pictures.”

”We love Grace Community School for many reasons… Our daughter loves her teachers, she is happy at Grace Community School and she has learned so much. At 3 years old she is reciting the pledge of allegiance, she is counting to 20, she knows the alphabet and recites it daily and pronouncing each letter. She is learning to speak Spanish, too and so much more. Not to mention that the cost for everything Grace Community offers is extremely low in comparison. They have great hours, they serve a healthy breakfast and lunch with snacks twice a day. We Love Grace Community School!!!”

Those are just a few of the more than forty testimonials you sent us! We’ll continue to put these up on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and remember you can send us your testimonial via our website. Thank you!

And the Winner Is…

A month ago we invited our Grace Community School family to email us video testimonials to enter to win a week of free childcare at Grace Community School. We got some great videos, but sadly we could only pick one winner.

Here she is! Kristin Rhoad from the Fort Myers Grace Community School was the winner. She received a free week of daycare for her son, Cameron.

Kristin and Cameron from the Fort Myers Grace Community School

Here is her winning video:

Video Testimonial 3-30-16Another awesome video testimonial! Thank you for sharing! Tomorrow is the last day for video contest entries. Email your video to video@gracecommunityschools.com

Posted by Grace Community School on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thank you to everyone who entered! Did you miss out on this contest? Don’t worry! We plan to do a different video contest soon. Stay tuned 🙂

We Want Your Videos!

We’re having a video contest, and giving away a free week’s tuition! We’ve had hundreds of parents submit written testimonials to us over the years, (If you’d still like to do that, you can find an online form for that here) but people have told us that they feel self-conscious writing something down on paper, or that they feel they don’t have enough to say.

So this time, we’re making it easy. All you need is your phone and 10 seconds. We’ll even give you something to say.

All you need is your phone!

Just record a 10 to 15-second video on your phone of yourself telling us why you or your children love Grace Community School. That’s it! If you can’t think of anything else to say, you can just record yourself saying, “Grace Community School: we’re more than a school, we’re family!” We will judge videos on creativity and enthusiasm, so don’t hold back. Email your video to video@gracecommunityschools.com, and you will be entered to win a free week’s tuition at Grace Community School. Grace Community School will share some of these videos on our Facebook and other social media sites. We will be accepting submissions all month, and choosing a winner after March 31st.

To get you started, here’s one I did:

For full contest rules, visit http://gracecommunityschool.com/video-testimonial-contest-rules-march-2016/

Again, that email is video@gracecommunityschools.com We hope to see your video soon!


testimonial noun 1. a written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation. Source: dictionary.com

Image: Canva

At Grace Community School, we like testimonials. They tell us that our students are happy and learning! It is very important for parents (and us) to we see that a child is doing well. There are little things we see at school that help confirm this. We see it in the smile of a child when they are playing or reading a book by themselves in Reading Circles, or when a student tells us how much fun they had in program practice. But we’re not always with our students, and so communication between parents and caregivers is very important. We love it when parents share stories from home, maybe about a child playing school or repeating a Bible verse, or something they learned at Song Time. It’s great to have that little extra feedback. Testimonials also provide this. Sometimes we get testimonials from students who attended here in preschool or kindergarten and are now in elementary school. Those are great!

Here’s a testimonial we got recently from one of our students who just went off to kindergarten after years of attending Grace Community School:

“I cannot say enough about Grace Community School, from the caring staff to the directors who know each of hundreds of students by name. My favorite part is this: my daughter started GCS at one years old. She was immediately engaged! Before long, even before she turned three, she was a Reader Achiever, and has gone on to kindergarten reading at almost a third grade level! Her zeal for learning and reading grows each day! For that, I thank Grace Community School.” — Cerissa T.

Here’s another one via our website, about another long-term student now in elementary school:

“My son Jaxon started going to Grace Community School when he was almost 3 yrs old. I kept him there until he was ready for 1st grade. The care and instruction he got while he was a student there was exceptional. By the time he graduated from Kindergarten, he could read very well and also count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. He could convert dollars to cents and could spell a lot of the high-frequency words. He is now almost 8 now, in public school 2nd grade. His Math and Language Arts skills are amazing! He scores 100% on almost all his tests. He was one of the top readers in his 1st-grade class and is now being considered for the gifted program. I have Grace Community Schools to thank for him excelling in school, because they laid the solid foundation that propelled my son’s education into the excellence I see today! Thank you so much Rev. David, Ms. Melissa, and Rev. Jeremy and Ms. Abby. Most of all, thank you for teaching my son the Word of God also. We are forever grateful.” — Jereminah M.

Of course, we love hearing from parents of our current students, too! Here’s one:

“We love Grace Community because of the wonderful staff and great Christian values. My son in the infant room has some amazing teachers. They always keep us informed on a day-to-day basis. It’s not the free food, playgrounds, or free registration that make this school amazing – it’s the amazing staff that takes care of my children every day!” – Kasidi K.

Our students are amazing! Thank you to all of our parents for sharing your Grace Community School experiences, and you can find more testimonials online here, and in print in each issue of The Whale’s Tale. You an find more about Grace Community School at www.gracecommunityschools.com. Do you have a testimonial or just want to share something? Leave us a message here or share on our Facebook page!