Our First Week of Art Class!

This was the first week Grace Community School Art Classes! We very pleased with how the classes went, and want to make sure everyone knows that we still have space available.

We made tissue paper butterflies!

Each week will be a different art project.

Tissue paper butterflies on display at the Fort Myers Grace Community School location.

Interested? Let your Grace Community School office know!

Great job!

And the Winner Is…

A month ago we invited our Grace Community School family to email us video testimonials to enter to win a week of free childcare at Grace Community School. We got some great videos, but sadly we could only pick one winner.

Here she is! Kristin Rhoad from the Fort Myers Grace Community School was the winner. She received a free week of daycare for her son, Cameron.

Kristin and Cameron from the Fort Myers Grace Community School

Here is her winning video:

Video Testimonial 3-30-16Another awesome video testimonial! Thank you for sharing! Tomorrow is the last day for video contest entries. Email your video to video@gracecommunityschools.com

Posted by Grace Community School on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thank you to everyone who entered! Did you miss out on this contest? Don’t worry! We plan to do a different video contest soon. Stay tuned 🙂

Summer 2016 Theme Week Schedule

Here it is: the theme week schedule for Grace Community School Summer Camp 2016!


Want a downloadable PDF of the schedule? Click here.

Click here for more information about Grace Community Summer Camp.

Click here for a Summer Camp enrollment form.


Summer Camp 2016 at Grace Community School!

Summer is coming! Are you ready? Do you need a place to put your kids? We are here for you. Grace Community School is open year-round, and our Summer Camp starts as soon as the school year ends. Summer Camp is just $79 a week for ages 6-11, age 5 or finished with Pre-K is just $99 a week. Grace Community School is open Monday through Friday, 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. All hours are included! Meals are included as well: FREE breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks.

Themes like Spirit Week make Grace Community School Summer Camp extra fun!

Don’t forget about our special summer themes! Every week has a fun theme like Pirate Week, Hawaii Week, Carnival Week, and Super Hero Week. Along with the theme weeks, we have parties, games, bounce houses, dress-up days, and other special events. A mix of student- and teacher-directed activities and art projects keep kids interested and occupied.

Summer Camp is just $79 a week for ages 6-11.

Extra-curricular activities like Music and Piano Classes are available for summer campers at Grace Community School.

Extra activities are also available at participating locations: Music Class, Dance Class, Karate Class, and now Art Class! Your summer camper can sign up for one class, or even all four.

Water slides? Oh yeah!

We are also accepting younger students for the summer. Infants through Pre-K kids are welcome, with introductory specials available. Between the free meals, extraordinary phonics and math programs, and summer fun, now is the perfect time to get the best value in preschool available. Tell your friends! Our referral program gives you $100 for each family you refer to any Grace Community School location. Ask for details.

Super Hero Dress-Up Day is a kid favorite!

Is your child already attending Grace Community School? Your child will participate in all the fun summer activities and special events. Our students build some of their fondest memories during our summers.

Bounce houses? Check!

Also: it is time to sign up for Pre-K and Kindergarten. If your child is four or will turn four by September 1, 2016, you need to sign up for Pre-K. If your child is five or will turn five by September 1, 2016, you need to sign up for Kindergarten. Download a Pre-K form here or a Kindergarten form here. Get those forms to Grace Community School as soon as possible. Don’t delay; we have limited space for these programs! Make sure your child is set to enjoy all the learning and other benefits that a Grace Community education offers, including Summer Camp.

If your child is four or will turn four by September 1, 2016, you need to sign up for Pre-K. If your child is five or will turn five by September 1, 2016, you need to sign up for Kindergarten.

Fort Myers Water Slide 7-22-15We have a water slide at the Fort Myers Grace Community School today!

Posted by Grace Community School on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Make friends and have fun!

Beat the heat this summer and bring your summer camper to Grace Community School. The fun is waiting! Would you like more information about summer camp or another one of our programs? Click here to email for more information.

Art Classes at Grace Community School!

An amazing new experience is coming to Grace Community School: Art Classes! Art Classes join Karate Classes, Music Classes, and Dance Classes as part of the complete Grace Community School package. Sign-up forms are available in your location’s office now, for children ages two years and up. These are thirty-minute-long weekly classes.

Sign up now to let your child experience this brand new activity from Grace Community School. These classes will be starting in two weeks, and we are getting a lot of demand, so don’t delay!

Image: Canva

Kindergarten at Grace Community School for $10 Per Week!

Dear Parents and Grandparents,

Each year, we at Grace Community School have the bittersweet task of bidding farewell to our extremely successful Pre-K graduates as they go off to kindergarten, often to the various public schools (including charter schools) in our area. We are sad to see them go, but happy that they have done so well in our program.

But this year, we would like you to reconsider. It is because your children have thrived in our school that we would like to make this special offer available to you:

Kindergarten Tuition at Grace Community School for $10 Per Week!

Why go anywhere else? Here’s how that works: before and after school care at a public school costs $55 per week. Lunch is $10 per week. Breakfast, snacks, and drinks are another $10 value. In addition to before and after care from 6:30 to 6:00 pm, Grace Community School offers extras like our weekly photo program and free annual yearbook. That leaves less than $10 out of Grace Community School’s $85 weekly charge going towards tuition!

There are ways to pay even less for your Grace Community School tuition, like our referral program! Refer a student to any one of our nine locations, and you get $100. It’s that easy. You can even do this for multiple families – there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Refer two families, that’s $200. Three families, that’s $300! Don’t your friends, family, and coworkers deserve to know about Grace Community School? The Grace Community School financial aid program is yet another way to get a discount on your child’s tuition each week. More information about these programs can be found in your school’s office and here.

This Grace Community School student is graduating kindergarten tomorrow. She is very proud of her reading skills. We are, too! Do you see why College Can Begin at Two is much more than just a slogan?

Posted by Grace Community School on Friday, May 29, 2015

It is no secret that children who attend the public school don’t learn to read until late elementary school (if then), while our average Pre-K graduate is reading at least at a first-grade level. Tragically, a student who enters the public school coming from Grace Community School risks throwing away their substantial educational advantage. Even more important, the public school will not continue the moral and character development begun at Grace Community School, especially, that achieved through our Bible instruction program. Indeed, much of what is public schools teach will contradict what your child has learned at Grace Community School, as well as at home and church. The entire public school environment is debilitating to children accustomed to a Christian learning environment.

Even spending just one more year at Grace Community School will be an immeasurable blessing to your child and your family. With a price this low for kindergarten, there is no academic, spiritual or even financial benefit to sending your child off to public school. Won’t you stay a little while longer with us?

Sincerely yours,

Your Family at Grace Community School

P.S. Download a kindergarten registration form here!

A New Whale Song AND New Whale Shirts!

We’re having trouble containing our excitement, because we have two incredible things to share with you.

First, after much ado, we are proud to share with you our brand new Whale Song! Have a listen:

Will you be able to get copies of this song? YES! We will have a CD available for purchase soon. We will let you know when that is available. This song will also be featured in the spring graduation program.

But wait, there’s more! Our new 2016 Whale Shirts are finally done and will be going on sale this week. Here they are:

The 2016 Whale Shirt!
We are very pleased with how the design came out. This will be the dress code shirt for that spring graduation program, Jungle Jive!, but you can wear them now. Ask your Grace Community School location’s office for these shirts.

What do you think about our new song and Whale Shirts? Let us know in the comments!

We Want Your Videos!

We’re having a video contest, and giving away a free week’s tuition! We’ve had hundreds of parents submit written testimonials to us over the years, (If you’d still like to do that, you can find an online form for that here) but people have told us that they feel self-conscious writing something down on paper, or that they feel they don’t have enough to say.

So this time, we’re making it easy. All you need is your phone and 10 seconds. We’ll even give you something to say.

All you need is your phone!

Just record a 10 to 15-second video on your phone of yourself telling us why you or your children love Grace Community School. That’s it! If you can’t think of anything else to say, you can just record yourself saying, “Grace Community School: we’re more than a school, we’re family!” We will judge videos on creativity and enthusiasm, so don’t hold back. Email your video to video@gracecommunityschools.com, and you will be entered to win a free week’s tuition at Grace Community School. Grace Community School will share some of these videos on our Facebook and other social media sites. We will be accepting submissions all month, and choosing a winner after March 31st.

To get you started, here’s one I did:

For full contest rules, visit http://gracecommunityschool.com/video-testimonial-contest-rules-march-2016/

Again, that email is video@gracecommunityschools.com We hope to see your video soon!


Pirate Week was a blast!

We love our theme weeks here at Grace Community School almost as much as the kids do. Check out our video:

Want more photos? We’ve added a whole bunch to a Facebook album.

Celebrating Academic Excellence in Mathematics at Grace Community School

We’ve got something exciting for you!

On this blog we have previously talked about Math Circles, Grace Community School’s unique educational system for teaching math concepts and skills to our students. Because this program has been so successful, we are pleased to announce a new accompaniment to Math Circles: Math Achievers.

Like our Reader Achievers program, Math Achievers celebrate students who reach various milestones in their education. These include learning their shapes and patterns (Level 1), counting to 50 (Level 2), passing all the Pre-K Math Circle levels (Level 3), and counting to 100 (Level 4).

You will see photos of our Math Achievers featured on our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For more information about Grace Community School’s mathematics program, including printable practice materials, visit the Math Instruction page on our website.