We’re the Best… Again!

Thank you for voting Grace Community School Best of Cape Coral, Bonita's Best and Best of Southwest Florida for 2016!
Thank you for voting Grace Community School Best of Cape Coral, Bonita’s Best and Best of Southwest Florida for 2016!


Our parents have been busy! You voted Grace Community School the best daycare and preschool in three different awards so far this year: Best of Cape Coral, Bonita’s Best, and Best of Southwest Florida.

We are thrilled to see the Southwest Florida community recognize us for our more than 30 years of child care excellence.

Now more than ever, parents are asking, “Instead of Daycare, Why Not Grace Community School?”

Best of Cape Coral

Grace Community School was voted Best of Cape Coral for 2014, 2015, and 2016!
Grace Community School was voted Daycare and Preschool in the Cape Coral Breeze Best of Cape Coral Awards for 2014, 2015, and 2016!

Bonita’s Best

We were voted Best of Bonita 2016 in the News-Press Readers' Choice Awards!
We were voted Best Preschool and Best Child Care in the News-Press Bonita’s Best Readers’ Choice Awards!

Best of Southwest Florida

News-Press Readers chose Grace Community School as Best Child Care and Best Preschool in the 2016 Best of Southwest Florida Awards!
News-Press Readers chose Grace Community School as Best Child Care and Best Preschool in the 2016 Best of Southwest Florida Awards!

Thank You!

We couldn’t have done it without you.

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We’re the Best! (Actually, You Are!)

We’re the best! Grace Community School was just voted best of Cape Coral by the Cape Coral Daily Breeze (for the second year in a row), the Lehigh Acres Citizen, and the Charlotte Sun.Ms. Patricia accepting the Best of Lehigh AwardMs. Rachel and Ms. Jay accepting the Best of Cape Coral Award.

Best of Charlotte AwardFirst of all: thank you! These “Best Of…” awards are based on newspaper reader polls, so we literally could not have won without you and your votes. You guys are great! We feel great, too. We love hearing people say that we’re the best, and we’ve heard this a lot since the first Grace Community School location was opened in 1986. In 2016, we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary, and being publicly recognized like this is wonderful. We are thrilled to have served this community and its parents and children for three decades now.

Grace Community School was designed to stand apart from the crowd, which we have done. We know there are dozens of daycares in Southwest Florida, and we’re glad you chose us! Even more importantly, we are happy that you trust us enough to educate and care for your children and grandchildren. Being a parent is an enormous responsibility, and choosing a school is no trivial decision. Rest assured that your kids are in good hands. Education is what we do. At Grace Community School, “Our Preschoolers Can Read” and “College Can Begin at Two!” aren’t just slogans. When we say that our preschoolers can read, we mean it. This is a claim no other Southwest Florida childcare center even makes, let alone fulfills. There is endless discussion in early childhood education circles about the need to increase daycare learning, No Child Left Behind, and early literacy. Preschool is a hot issue, even making it into the presidential campaign news. This is an important discussion, to be sure, but talking alone will not address these issues.

While others talk, we do.

We are Southwest Florida’s leader in early childhood education, with a proven track record of teaching kids to read, do math, and a whole lot more – a much more than the so-called free programs.

Recently a news story broke saying that daycare costs in 31 states exceed in-state college tuition. Pardon my saying, but that’s crazy Quality childcare shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Grace Community School’s low prices, introductory rates, scholarship program, and free food are very important for our parents. There are enough struggles, financial and otherwise, for parents without daycare costs taking an undue toll. Being the best means we promise to do all that we can to help this community in our area of expertise – it’s what we do.


All that being said, It’s nice to talk about us, but what we’d really like to do is focus on our students. It is our pleasure to see that our students are learning. Feedback is wonderful, but today let us celebrate our students’ achievements, not our own. The real stars of this story are your kids! They are learning so much! Nothing makes us happier than seeing all the Reader Achievers who grace each issue of The Whale’s Tale and our social media pages; and the reading books, and Reading and Math Circle certificates, going home. Grace Community School is more than a school, we’re a family, and that family is made up of the many, many students and their parents who come see us each and every school day.

Best of LehighSo again: thank you for voting us “the best,” and especially thank you for your wonderful children. We look forward to serving the community of Southwest Florida for many years to come. You can find out more about Grace Community School at www.gracecommunityschools.com. Would you do one more thing for us? If you have friends or family on social media who might be in need of childcare, click one of the share buttons below, because don’t they deserve the best, too? Thank you!