A Field Guide to Grace Community School Social Media

GCS Whale Surrounded by Social Media

Where can you find Grace Community School online? Pretty much everywhere! Here’s a few places you can find us online and reasons why you’ll want to connect with us there.

Bonus: How to Make Sure You Always Get a Notification When We Post on Facebook! Keep reading…


This is our big one! We post here every day, with lots of photos especially on special event days. This is THE way to keep up on Grace Community School news. If you only follow us on one social media network, this is the one. Be sure to Like our page, and click on the Follow button. Check out these screenshots to make sure you are following us AND getting notifications so you won’t miss anything that we post!

[screenshot] Follow Grace Community School 's Facebook from your mobile device.
On your smart phone, click on the follow button on our Facebook page and change your settings so you’ll always get our notifications!
[screenshot] Follow Grace Community School's Facebook from your desktop computer.
Here’s how to follow and turn on Facebook notifications on your desktop computer.


This photo sharing network is perfect for us! We love photos, and Instagram lets us share some of our best photography with you. It’s also a great way to keep up on school news and upcoming events. Follow us and be sure to turn on notifications as shown in the screenshots below so you won’t miss a photo!

[screenshot] Turn on Grace Community School Instagram notifications.
Follow us on Instagram, then click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and turn on post notifications.


Twitter is where you can find out about all that Grace Community School offers, along with news, photos, and videos. We keep our Twitter up to date constantly so you don’t miss a thing! You can also turn Twitter notifications on like in the following screenshots.

[screenshot] Twitter mobile notifications.
Use the Twitter app on your smart phone to Follow us and turn on Tweet notifications!
;screenshot] Here's how to turn on Twitter notifications from your desktop.
Here’s how to turn on Twitter notifications from your desktop.


We love creating and sharing videos of what your kids are doing at Grace Community School! Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe so you’ll get all our videos as soon as they are uploaded.

[screenshot] Grace Community School YouTube.
Your kids are the stars of our YouTube channel!


This is where we collect all the cool and useful stuff we find on the internet, including recipes, kids activities and art projects, home hacks, baby clothes, and more. Follow us to see all our collections!

[screenshot] Pinterest
Pinterest is so cool!


LinkedIn is the professional social/work network, and we’re here, too. Connect with us by following our company page and get our official updates and blog posts.

[screenshot] LinkedIn
Keeping it professional on LinkedIn.


Snapchat is where the cool kids are! Follow us for Snapchat Stories from our special events and school fun.

[screenshot] Snapchat
BOO! Follow us on Snapchat.

Our Official Website

www.gracecommunityschools.com is our home base on the Web! Everything from the school calendar to monthly menus to downloadable supply lists to info about our special classes can be found here. It’s a super parent resource.

[screenshot} Main website.
Visit www.gracecommunityschools.com for in-depth info about our programs and all we offer.

Email Newsletter

Last but not least, many of our parents still prefer to receive school updates directly in their inbox via emails. We can do that! Just click right here and subscribe to our email list and newsletter. You’ll always know what’s going on with our comprehensive emails.

Laptop with email.
Email is still a great way to stay informed!

Did we miss anything? Are there any other social networks you would like to see Grace Community School on? Leave us a comment below to let us know!

How to Never Miss a Grace Community School Update

Kids on an egg hunt at Grace Community School.
Stay informed: Don’t let your child miss any of the fun events at Grace Community School!

We stay busy here. There is always something new coming up: a party, a dress-up day, a new class (like our Art Classes, just started!), a yearbook deadline, a social media contest.

There’s a lot on your plate. Who can remember everything going on? We do our best to keep parents and grandparents informed about fun and/or important news, but we understand that how busy you are. Some of the main ways we keep parents informed are our signs in the office and in the hallway, notes by the sign-in/out computer, and notes on the kids’ papers. But sometimes things still fall by the wayside.

You can like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We are very active on social media. Still, things can get lost in a busy newsfeed. That’s why we have one other way to keep you informed: our email list!

Laptop covered in Post-It Notes.
We get it: you’re busy!

Many of you are already signed up for this, but if you’re not (or you want someone else to get updates, too), it’s easy: click here to access the sign-up form, fill out your information, and click “Subscribe to list.” That’s it! You’ll get an opt-in email from MailChimp. Click the link in the email, and you’re all set.

Sample of GCS email newsletter
Here’s part of a recent email newsletter, chock full o’ updates!

In addition to more frequent updates as needed, once a month we publish the Grace Community School Email Newsletter that recaps what’s been going on with a roundup of useful links, photos, and videos, and information about cool stuff coming up. We just put out our April issue. (You can find it here if you want to get caught up!) Now you’re ready for what’s coming next at Grace Community School. Any questions? Leave a comment below or send us an email at email@gracecommunityschools.com We look forward to keeping you updated!