Grace Community School Kindergarten

Kindergarten at Grace Community School! It’s never too early to start planning ahead.
Are you ready for kindergarten? It’s never too early to start planning! The pre-K year goes by so quickly. Finding a kindergarten program for your child can be stressful. Let us help! Good news: Grace Community School has kindergarten! Don’t worry about going to School Choice; your child can continue with Grace Community School in the safe, friendly environment your child is used to. Why should you choose our kindergarten program?

Is Learning Important to You?

Grace Community School students graduate pre-K reading — something public school students often don’t achieve until the 3rd grade, if then. The Grace Community School kindergarten program has demonstrated results. If learning is important to you, and you want an uncompromising education, this is the way to go. This is an advanced program! The phonics instruction at Grace Community School gives kids what they need to succeed, in reading and other areas. Students who have attended our school since they were young graduate our preschool program reading multiple grade levels ahead of public school kindergarteners. Our kindergarten graduates are reading at a third-grade level. The average public school kindergarten graduate cannot even be tested for reading skills! That’s why we have to give our kindergarteners a 1st-grade standardized test.

Grace Community School Kindergarten is an advanced program that will help your child excel in every area!
The Grace Community School math program continues into kindergarten, too. Your child will move seamlessly from the pre-K Math Circles right into the kindergarten levels. Our kindergarten students learn their addition and subtraction families, story problems, and more. Get a comprehensive list of what is learned here.

Our musical graduation program is a highlight of the school year!
It’s more than just academics. All our learning instruction is done with fun games and interactive activities, including our famous theme weeks. There are parties, dress-up days, and special events throughout the entire school year. Get weekly photos including digital photo copies through the GCS Memories program. Grace Community School kindergarten finishes in a musical program complete with graduation ceremony and diploma presentation.

What Does Grace Community School Kindergarten Include?

Grace Community School Kindergarten includes:

  • all care 6:30 am to 6:00 pm, including before and after school care
  • breakfast, lunch, snack and drinks
  • yearbook
  • Bible instruction
  • the advanced reading and math program
  • weekly photo program
  • spring and Christmas programs

Music Classes — along with Karate, Dance, and Art Classes — are available to our kindergarten students.
And of course, our special classes — Art Class, Dance Class, Karate Class, and Music Class — are also still available.

How Much Does it Cost?

Here’s the really awesome part! Everything is just $85 per week. That price stays the same throughout the whole school year, including many days that public school is closed.

What Do I Need to Do?

Let us know you want your child to stay here for kindergarten! Sign-up forms are available at your Grace Community School location.

Your Child Deserves the Best

Your child deserves the best education possible! Grace Community School Kindergarten makes that dream a reality.
For more than thirty years, we’ve been providing the ultimate in early childhood education. We want to make things easier and better for you and your child. You can find out more about Grace Community School’s learning programs at our official website.

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Kindergarten at Grace Community School for $10 Per Week!

Dear Parents and Grandparents,

Each year, we at Grace Community School have the bittersweet task of bidding farewell to our extremely successful Pre-K graduates as they go off to kindergarten, often to the various public schools (including charter schools) in our area. We are sad to see them go, but happy that they have done so well in our program.

But this year, we would like you to reconsider. It is because your children have thrived in our school that we would like to make this special offer available to you:

Kindergarten Tuition at Grace Community School for $10 Per Week!

Why go anywhere else? Here’s how that works: before and after school care at a public school costs $55 per week. Lunch is $10 per week. Breakfast, snacks, and drinks are another $10 value. In addition to before and after care from 6:30 to 6:00 pm, Grace Community School offers extras like our weekly photo program and free annual yearbook. That leaves less than $10 out of Grace Community School’s $85 weekly charge going towards tuition!

There are ways to pay even less for your Grace Community School tuition, like our referral program! Refer a student to any one of our nine locations, and you get $100. It’s that easy. You can even do this for multiple families – there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Refer two families, that’s $200. Three families, that’s $300! Don’t your friends, family, and coworkers deserve to know about Grace Community School? The Grace Community School financial aid program is yet another way to get a discount on your child’s tuition each week. More information about these programs can be found in your school’s office and here.

This Grace Community School student is graduating kindergarten tomorrow. She is very proud of her reading skills. We are, too! Do you see why College Can Begin at Two is much more than just a slogan?

Posted by Grace Community School on Friday, May 29, 2015

It is no secret that children who attend the public school don’t learn to read until late elementary school (if then), while our average Pre-K graduate is reading at least at a first-grade level. Tragically, a student who enters the public school coming from Grace Community School risks throwing away their substantial educational advantage. Even more important, the public school will not continue the moral and character development begun at Grace Community School, especially, that achieved through our Bible instruction program. Indeed, much of what is public schools teach will contradict what your child has learned at Grace Community School, as well as at home and church. The entire public school environment is debilitating to children accustomed to a Christian learning environment.

Even spending just one more year at Grace Community School will be an immeasurable blessing to your child and your family. With a price this low for kindergarten, there is no academic, spiritual or even financial benefit to sending your child off to public school. Won’t you stay a little while longer with us?

Sincerely yours,

Your Family at Grace Community School

P.S. Download a kindergarten registration form here!

Take Your Pick: Your Preschooler Reading Real Books… or Not Reading at All

Reading vs. Reading Readiness

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We love choices. Some choices are hard, others are easy. If you’re reading this, you have a choice to make where your child’s education is concerned. You could choose to have your child be taught real reading at Grace Community School, leading to your child reading at up to the third-grade level by his or her self at the end of the pre-K school year.

Or you could choose to have your child attend a regular daycare, where your child will be taught “reading readiness,” a teaching philosophy in which the teacher reads to your child (because the child certainly cannot read), and where your child might pick up a little bit of letter recognition by the end of his or her pre-K year. Daycares that teach reading readiness trust that the “print-rich environment” of printed signs and labels up on the walls will help the kids pick up some reading ability through osmosis. Your child deserves better.

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Public School Kindergarten Is Not Free

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Is free really free? Parents have choices, and one of the most important choices parents must make is where to put their children for childcare and school. Southwest Florida has many pre-K programs, and of course when it comes to kindergarten most kids just go to the public school and not private schools or Grace Community School. The differences between these programs may not be obvious at first glance.

Let’s start with preschool. A lot of parents are under the impression that preschool is an all-day thing. Sadly, this usually isn’t the case. Most pre-K programs in Florida opt to do a 3-hour daily program so that their state funds can stretch through the whole year. Parents who need more than those 3 hours must purchase wraparound care for an added fee. Not here. Grace Community School’s pre-k program is now an all-day program — 6:30am to 6:00pm, no wraparound care needed! So instead of three hours of learning, students at Grace Community School participate in learning that lasts the entire day. As they say on TV, “But wait, there’s more!”

Image: Canva

There is no comparison between the learning at Grace Community School versus other daycares. A lot of parents are interested in state-funded pre-K because it’s a “good deal.” What makes something a good deal? It means you’re getting more for your money and effort than you would be getting elsewhere, right? “Free” sounds like a good deal. You wouldn’t think that you could get a better deal than something that’s free. But you have to be careful. “Free” comes with strings attached. Is “free” worth it if it isn’t what’s best for your child? One of the most crucial things you will give up when choosing a free preschool program is reading instruction. I’m not talking about “reading readiness,” but real, actual reading.

It is very hard to overestimate the importance of being able to read. It is an incredibly important skill, and has been shown to be an indicator of future success. “A student who can’t read on grade level by 3rd grade is four times less likely to graduate by age 19 than a child who does read proficiently by that time.” While public school students struggle to read at grade level by the third grade, Grace Community School students sometimes graduate preschool reading at a third-grade public school level; by kindergarten often a fifth-grade level. “Reading readiness” such as is taught at conventional daycares is no substitute for actually teaching reading!

There is no good reason to postpone developmentally appropriate reading instruction. Well-intentioned folks often put it off until kids are in elementary school based on the mistaken belief that teaching reading is harmful or that it takes the fun out of early childhood. Learning and fun are not mutually exclusive! There is a misconception that having organized, scheduled learning times means kids have no time for play and fun. Our developmentally appropriate instruction is fun! Kids learn at their own pace in Grace Community School Reading Circles, and they are happier for it. Math, music, Bible lessons, and more all contribute to a well-rounded educational foundation.

What about kindergarten? Grace Community School kindergarten builds on the pre-K education foundation and continues the reading, Bible, and math programs your child has begun at Grace Community School. It continues right where your child left off at the end of Grace Community School pre-K!

Public school kindergarten is a different story. Because they are accustomed to always having something more to learn, Grace Community School students are often bored when they get into public school — they just aren’t challenged! There is another reason. Kids at Grace Community School benefit so much from our non-denominational Bible lessons. There is no Bible teaching in the public school. Children who are used to a Christian education at home, church, and in a place like Grace Community School often have trouble transitioning to a secular environment. Bible instruction is the foundation of our whole-life curriculum (including the options for programs like karate, dance, music, and piano classes). The public school will not continue the moral and character development begun at Grace Community School. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Our kindergarten is only $75 per week. After care at the public school costs $55 per week. When you factor the cost for after care (which you must pay) along with the cost of food (Grace Community School provides all our kids with free food regardless of income), you may actually save money with Grace Community’s private school kindergarten! There are a lot of bonuses on top of that you won’t find anywhere else; besides the free food there are yearbooks, school photos, musical programs, and more. Don’t forget about our financial aid program! When you look at everything in context, the free programs available at public school and government-funded daycares just aren’t worth it.

Choose better than free! Whether it’s preschool or kindergarten, doesn’t your child deserve all that comes from a Grace Community School education? Find out more about Grace Community School at